Hi there,Where do I start?I love music – a lot.I started my DJing career in 1994; playing tunes on some local radio stations in the neighborhoods near my home. In 1998 I was offered my own radio show on a national dance radio station. Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I was ON THE AIR from 8pm until midnight. In 2000 I changed radio stations and had my radio show from 10pm to 1am. It was an amazing time and I have LOADS of good memories from those days. While all his was happening I had the option to play at some clubs where I could also pick up experience of playing to a live audience. I started working on another national dance radio station with a weekly dance chart in 2007, but had my last broadcast in 2009 when the radio station had to go off air.In 2010 I started making my own podcasts. It started with a FaceBook page, and now in 2011 there is a website. In 2012 I started as music programmer, back to my old school roots at the national dance radio I used to work for early 2000. I hope you will all enjoy the music!Hugzzz,DjBearish