Bastard beats from here and there...

A strange mixture from Balkanbeats, Global Beats, Electronic Music and Movie Sounds is what he play. Years ago when he started to play Balkan music a friend told him that he likes this style, but he thought also, that Balkan is not very diversified. Nellski showed him how diversified this music can be. I wide range from Balkantech over Gypsy HipHop to Cumbia Klezmer is his diversification, peppered with a lot of sound gadgets like mashups or soundtracks from Bud Spencer and Terence Hill.
Happy music for everyone, this is his intention.

There are no boarders - at least in the music.

Today he is DJ at Berlin's multicultual radio station, his own radio show 'alandala' you can listen to every friday at 8 pm.