Darko’s passion for music started early on. He began collecting vinyl since he was eight years old. At the age of 14, his DJ career began at an afternoon teens’ dance playing: charts, soul, funk & disco. In the early 80´s, after his personal coming out, his real life as a DJ began playing hi-nrg, disco and Italo house at the Duesseldorf RAMROD.
By the end of the 80´s, having played throughout the German Ruhrgebiet area, he outgrew the local scene. Being open to new trends and never afraid, he became one of the first resident DJ´s of GAY HAPPENING, one of Germany´s biggest and most popular gay dance parties, playing Chicago house sound combined with the first electronic music on the House sector also playing gigs at the famous YOKOTO. In the early 90´s he not only played THE BLOCK in Cologne, Germany, Darko also became the 1st resident DJ of LULU in Cologne, which at that time, was Europe’s largest gay disco. He was also one of the first DJs to play the legendary after-hours party, GREENKOMM. In 1994 he played the world-famous LOVE PARADE in Berlin, which was the icing on his cake so far and the fulfillment of yet another personal dream. Then in 1995 he created his first own dance party at the legendary leather and fetish club CHAINS, Cologne. He was also the resident of the leather and fetish scene Dance Party No.1 the COCONUT, Cologne, where he played until the late 90´s - playing in between all over Europe. These were exciting times for him. In 2002 he also produced the men only dance party, COCK-PIT, a dance event for men only, offering pure electronic sound. Despite managing the dance party and his own men´s bar, BONERS, he still takes time for his passion for music, playing in selected famous clubs in Paris, Madrid, London, Ibiza, Amsterdam, Brussels and of course in Cologne.



50676 Cologne