munichbears e.V.

The munichbears are a bunch of men who consider themselves bears or simply adore this type of man. The definition of bear is very diverse: hairy, bearded, bulky...a bit of everything or not. Everyone is very welcome at our club. No matter whether you are young or mature, bulky or slim, hairy or not!

After becoming a registered club under German law in 2005, we have currently 240 registered members-one of the biggest bear clubs in Germany! We offer plenty of reductions to our members, but all our events are open to non-members as well. Our OktoBEARfest is well-known all over the „bear world“, and our day trips, parties, x-mas party etc. are very popular as well. Check out our website for the next upcoming events and feel free to join us!


Postfach 140406
80454 München